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Our Laboratory Service

Our chemical laboratory provides all technical equipment for the preparation and performance of soil-chemical basic analysis as the determination of the pH-value, C-, N-, S-contents, exchangeable cations, plant-available nutrients, pedogenic oxides, etc. Moreover we have the possibility to analyse the total contents in plants for the characterization of the nutrient supply. For the analysis of elements and ions in the soil solution and plant or soil extracts flame and graphite pipe AAS, ICP-MS, ion chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, autoanalyzer and photometer are available. Using titration processors the ability of pH-buffering of soils can be quantified. The quality of the basic analysis is regularly approved by participation in the “International Soil and Plant Analytical Exchange”.

Besides the equipment for basic analysis we have access to a particle-sizer, zeta-sizer and Quantachrome Autosorb for characterization of colloids particle size, -charge and surface. Modern GC- and LC-MS-devices are utilized for analysis of organic trace elements (e.g. residues of pesticides or pharmaceuticals).

We perform requested analysis for third parties at cost price with the devices listed before, as long as it is a sovereign task. We do not compete with environment-analytical business companies.

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