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We work on soil-chemical questions on the dynamics of nutrients (e.g. C, N, P, Mo) and contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, PCB, PAH, pesticides, residues of pharmaceuticals) in near-natural and anthropogenically modified sites. We focus on the examination of mechanisms of bonds and mobilization. Preparative methods of extracting and conditioning environmental chemicals out of the soil matrix are well established. New techniques for the collection of soil solution have been developed and in part patent-registered. Different laboratory equipment is available for the analysis of the substances: ICP-MS (metal isotopes), GC-MS (PCB, PAH), LC-MS (pharmaceuticals), capillary electrophoresis, AAS, photometer, etc.. Binding mechanisms are identified using micro-calorimetry. A zeta-, particle sizer and the BET-device in the colloid-laboratory of the section examine the mobility of colloid-bound substances (P, Pb, PAH, etc.).


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