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Modellierung der Dynamik von Agrochemikalien in landwirtschaftlich genutzten Wassereinzugsgebieten Nordthailands

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
DFG KA 1139/5
Martin Kaupenjohann
Holger Ciglasch
S. Totrakool


The novel field experimental setup prooved to be suitable to measure the fluxes of agrochemicals on the profil scale and to distinguish both matrix and preferential flow.

The analysis of the pattern of the water flow showed that the flow pathways in our study profiles were stable throughout the time of observation. Preferential flow always occurs; its proportion of total flow depends on total water flux, however.

In accordance with literature first flush of a storm event leached up to 1 % of the pesticides out of the soil irrespective of the individual solubility of the substances. Preferential flow prooved to be the most important export pathway.

We also conclude that the methods tested are both suitable to collect interflow water. Lateral water flow occured along with rain intensities higher tha 60 mm per two days. Although our pesticide analyses could not yet be compleeted we have to expect lateral fluxes of pesticides on the study sites.



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