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INTERNANO: Verhalten von Nanopartikeln in Auenökosystemen

Project number:
KA 1139/18-2
Project director:
Gabriele E. Schaumann (INTERNANO), Martin Kaupenjohann (SOILMOBILE)
Laura Degenkolb
Umweltbundesamt, Universität Koblenz-Landau, TU München, UFZ Halle, Universität Freiburg


Objectives of the overal project

The project aims at identifying natural processes responsible for the transformation of engineered nanoparticles (NP) in the environment. In the interdisciplinary research unit INTERNANO fate and effect of Ag-, TiO2- and Au NP in aquatic ecosystems are investigated, focusing on floodplain ecosystems as hotspots for physico-chemical transformation processes. We will add knowledge about the compartments where NP could be accumulated and investigate their effect on aquatic organisms.

Objectives of the subproject „SUBSOIL“

Within the subproject SOILMOBILE the fate of Ag NP in soils and riverbank filtration systems is investigated. Main research questions cover the following topics:

Effect of natural organic matter on the colloidal stability and dissolution of Ag NP

Effect of natural colloids on the dissolution and aggregation of Ag NP

Transport, retention and remobilization of Ag NP in riverbank filtration systems

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